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Signature Journal Afrika
(SJA) is a platform that gives a voice to Africans in areas of Governance, Health, and ICT.

How is confronting data colonialism.

It’s inevitable that soon healthcare will be primarily driven by technology.

Tech companies will be at the center of the transformation into the new world of healthcare that will be enabled by analytical tools like mobile apps. Consistently, healthcare will majorly focus on prevention, diagnostics, and digital solutions.

As argued…

By: Bill Graham Osei Akomea[1]

Every child has the right to be a child. Yes, some children are denied such a right. Childhood should be enjoyable. “Childhood is entitled to special care and assistance” so states the preamble to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. …

Advice is unnecessary before understanding by Sam Smith

The Rhodes Colossus Striding from Cape Town to Cairo Punch, 10 December 1892

As President Uhuru Kenyatta commissioned the groundbreaking of G47 Ugatuzi towers in Nairobi on Friday, he appeared a little agitated as he warned foreign powers against interfering in Kenya’s domestic issues.

“We thank the officers of the United Nations and all development partners who have been close collaborators but at…


Africa is on the move. Being the reserve of precious natural resources and home to both the most youthful populations and some of the fastest-growing economies globally- undoubtedly making it have enormous economic growth potential. However, for this potential economic growth to be harnessed, Africa must be fully powered. …

Chief Justice David Maraga — The Kenyan Jurist who is setting a new standard for the rule of law in Kenya and across Africa. John B. Oyaro

David Maraga — 14th Chief Justice of Kenya.

Across Africa, there is a deep-rooted cultural norm that relationships outweigh principle — that the rule of law only bends in the direction of a selected few who have power and influence and are hellbent in making sure that it benefits them, their families, and benefactors.

However, in 2017 Kenya’s…

Let’s do the same for Africa and look at the best rather than the worst….by — Sam Smith

Growing up in the UK, the picture painted in my head of Africa as a whole continent is not what I have experienced in the five years I have lived in Kenya. From media coverage and how people talked, all one would think is that Africa is undeveloped, full of…


Black Panther did what no Marvel movie franchise had ever done before — it inspired, energized, and filled Africans with pride. …

Africa can be the source of something new, smart, innovative, responsible, safe, and secure — Jessica Chivinge.

Photo Credit — Kwaku Alston — Disney Enterprises

Beyoncé is right — ‘Black is King’. But this isn’t an article debating how successfully Beyoncé represented this continent. To the Beyhive, rest easy — I stan. What I appreciate most about Black is King is that she’s reminded me to celebrate what it is that makes me “King”. How

Bill Gates or Dambisa Moyo = Rwanda

by John B. Oyaro

Over a decade ago, Zambian Global author and economist Dambisa Moyo rattled aid proponents like Bill Gates and Bono in her damning book Dead Aid. In the book, she argues that predominantly ordinary citizens in Sub-Saharan Africa were not benefiting from aid. …


Photo by Camila Quintero Franco on Unsplash

Africa needs to understand the effects of colonization on its collective psyche and how these effects will continue through generations to come. The process of decolonization should happen through deliberate efforts and understanding. …

Signature Journal Afrika

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